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  Thursday, May 26, 2016
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Janeen Mills has a 3' tall display book shelf.  If you are interested in having it for your classroom, see Janeen.


ASD non-negotiable activity

Peer to Peer medium of exchange

Legos in the forum

Please send some students with ASD and other students who like to play, build and talk about legos!!

Provide an opportunity for students to socialize and send students on Wednesday, May 18th at 11:30 in the forum


FYI:  Mary Ann Edwards' classroom goes out into the community.  They would be happy to run your errands.  They can go the the dry cleaners, library, shopping, banking, etc.  You can put your errand in Mary Ann's mailbox or stop down to the room.  Thanks!


Thank you for all that attended the prompting discussion this morning.  See you soon for more prompting activities!  Hope you received your jean coupon. Judy Stapleton 


There is about $200.00 available in an account specifically for children with Down Syndrome.  It was donated by a family and is intended to be used on items that the school doesn't supply or parents cannot afford.  Examples from the past have been:  books about children with Down Syndrome; a new outfit for a young man for graduation; and special shoes.  This is for any age child.  Please see Stacy Crutchfield if you know anybody with this need.  

Reminder to staff:  Only clean styrofoam is to be taken to the Workshop.  Thanks for your cooperation.


If you have any Micky Mouse books that you can share with Judy Stapleton, please put in her mailbox.  Thanks.


Beginning Monday, October 5th from 8:15 a.m. to 8:35 a.m. in the Forum a video training program will be available on verbal behavior.  The focus will be on teaching requesting and responding correctly.  This is an ABA approach and is suggested for students with Autism or any student with communication deficits.  Please attend this video training.  It is AWESOME information.  See you there!


When submitting a help ticket for Information System assistance, please include your room number.  This will help theTechs find you better.  Thank you. 


HPS teachers:  A playgroup for all ages will occur every Thursday from 12:30 to 1:30 in the preschool forum.  This group will be extremely beneficial for students with ASD as it will be loaded with principles from ABA and strategies from a verbal behavior conference.  This would be a great opportunity for some peer to peer time.  Please send your students down for the whole time or part of the time, whatever works for your schedule.  


FYI: Throughout this school year, Mrs. Edwards' classroom will be collecting laundry slips and breakfast bags each morning.  Thanks for your participation.


Please do not send CONFIDENTIAL paperwork to the workshop for shredding.  

We are so glad you are here!  Have an amazing day...You are awesome!






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