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  Wednesday, May 06, 2015
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Eileen is in need of large baby-food type jars with lids (other kinds will be welcomed too, like olive jars, etc).  She needs them as soon as possible...they are for a Spring Bazaar project.  Thanks for your help.

Float Sales: May 7th and 8th, outside the gym, 10:30 am - 1:30 pm, both days.  Cost: $1.25 each.  Possible flavors: Root beer, Vernors, 7-up, Coke, Orange, and Diet Root beer, all with vanila ice cream.  Some sugar free ice cream is available.  Sponsored by Mary Ann Edwards' Room.

The Pine Cone Store needs more stock!  The following would be greatly appreciated:  McDonald's any size toys, action figures, dinosaur items, Barbie items, cars/trucks.  **All donations are greatly appreciated!  Drop off items in C-1 or C-2.  Thanks!
  If you are having any heating or cooling issues/concerns in your room, please let Tracey know as soon as possible. Thank you 

If there are any aides or subs that want to take any open bus runs, please see Carmen. Thanks. 


If you have a son or daughter attending CMU and they are looking for a part-time job, please see Eddie ASAP.










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