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  Sunday, October 23, 2016
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10-14 The Child Advocacy Center of Tuscola County needs donations.  There is a drop box in B-11 and Mary Ann will take the donations to next Trasnsition meeting on November 10th.  The Child Advocacy Center of Tuscola County is the only non-profit organization in Tuscola County that provides a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary response to child sexual and severe physical abuse.  Items needed are:  Things for kids to do-books; games; play-doh; colored markers; coloring or activity books; appropriate child/teen movies (DVD) and magazines; Center supplies-copy paper, trash bags, paper towels; blank DVDs; Clorox disinfecing wipes, DVD paper sleeves; printer ink (HP61-black & color); Snacks for kids-juice boxes, bottled water, indididually wrapped snacks; Big wishes-coat rack, shelving unit, K-cups (coffee); 27" or larger elevision (for children and families to watch while waiting at the Center).


Would you like to learn more about the principles of behavior/ABA?  Beginning Wednesday, October 12th there will be group meetings and discussions every Wednesday morning during the month of October from 8:15 to 8:45 in the forum.  Bring our questions.  See you there!


If anyone hears Toby saying, "Hallelulah," please remember to tell him he's at school and that's something you would say in church.  We are just trying to help him be more appropriate while at school.  Thanks. 


Attention Everyone:  We have our first Fun Club event scheduled!  It will be on Wednesday, October 19th.  We will have a Fall Harvest Luncheon. Many fall fruits and vegetables are harvested in the fall (apples, pears, potatoes, beans, corn, etc.).  Start brainstorming with your classroom staff about what dish you want to bring!  See you in the staff lounge on the 19th!  Yum yummy!  (PS, You don't have to incorporate fall fruits or veggies to participate.  We will enjoy any dish you make!)

FYI:  Mary Ann Edwards' classroom goes out into the community.  They would be happy to run your errands.  They can go the the dry cleaners, library, shopping, banking, etc.  You can put your errand in Mary Ann's mailbox or stop down to the room.  Thanks!

When submitting a help ticket for Information System assistance, please include your room number.  This will help theTechs find you better.  Thank you. 


Please do not send CONFIDENTIAL paperwork to the workshop for shredding.  


We are so glad you are here!  Have an amazing day...You are awesome!






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